About us

The school is located in Nairobi city, Westlands-Subcounty, Kangemi location at a place called Kiang’ora along Muratha road on the way to Kawangware. It is an APBET school mostly managed by the community. It started in the year 1996 with the aim of helping street children to have a formal education, with a total of 10 students. It was fully registered in 2001. This was the result of help and involvement of parents and the ministry of education. Nowadays the school teaches 254 students with 12 teachers. The cooperation witch nyendo started in 2012.

What we do

The school has ten classes running from pre-school including baby nursery class and pre-unit. It also has primary school with classes 1 up to 8. All the classes have a fair representation of boys and girls. Classrooms are made of iron sheet roof and walls, while the floor is cemented. An average classroom accomodates 26 children.


Our biggest challenge is the low income of parents. Only 40 percent of the parents can pay the the fees. The teachers have to take pay-cuts and the school cannot employ more staff.


The school started is 1995 with 10 students and got registered in 2001. Now the school has over 245 students and in the last 3 years we build a new school on a raw piece of land with fences, toilets and a small garden.

Future Plans

In the next five years, we want to have permanent classrooms and a kitchen. In the next 10 years, we want to build a high school

Our Staff

James Mteshi


Patrick Aluda


George Mayer


Ruth Olindo